I’m following my own dream

it’s my choice now.

“I AM normal.”

“There were about six names for Ian and Jared. Some of them were bigger hitters. All muscly, American handsome looking, tans.” [x]

hello friends i’m back


Same top!! >.<

erwinsmiiths asked: So you make this post: /post/47441154194/ehm-okay-tumblr-staff-send-me-a-message-saying-i and then proceed to start picking a fight again? I don't think I understand your logic.

i didn’t got deleted so it’s practiculary fine and they don’t care what you whining idiots say

elesteria asked: Alright then, cheers on being a child who wants nothing more than to start wank! Good luck on whatever quest you've set yourself on. You're only going to burn bridges.